Tom Clancy’s The Division: Broken Dawn Review

Publisher: Titanbooks Author: Alex Irvine Buy Here From the start, I was hooked playing The Division. The setting was exactly what I looking for. It starts with Black Friday, that’s when the dollar flu started, it spread very fast and it wasn’t too long before hospitals became full. As the bodies start to pile up, READ MORE

BlackFish City Review

I went into this book with an open mind, unsure what to expect, what I was greeted with was a fantastically laid out story, its plot arcing out like the arms of the city it is set in. Following these characters you gain an insight into what could be described as a post-apocalyptic future, you READ MORE

The Red Knight

Reviews By: David Stonehouse Author: Miles Cameron Publisher: Gollanz There are two sorts of fantasy fans. First, there’s the casual readers who just enjoy an escape from the everyday routine, and, secondly, there are the hard-core fans who want to immerse themselves completely in another world. Well, if you’re one of the second sort then READ MORE

The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess (Manga Graphic Novel edition)

Cassandra Clare – The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess (Manga Graphic Novel edition) Text: Cassandra Clare, Artwork by Hyekyung Baek Yen Press/Orbit £7.99 Review By: David Stonehouse This is the final instalment in Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices trilogy, a set which, in turn, acts as a prequel to her Mortal Instruments series. Taken as a READ MORE

Hot Lead, Cold Iron

Arthur Ari Marmell Titan Books £7.99 Review By: David Stonehouse Hot Lead, Cold Iron is subtitled ‘A Mick Oberon Job’, which sets it up nicely in a very specific literary genre. And it might seem, at first glance, to be a bit of an odd concept. It’s a gangster story set in Prohibition-era Chicago, full READ MORE