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Last Update July 12 2018

Roleplay Music Ideas

Welcome to the music section of Lair Of The Geek, this article I (killminus) will offer suggestions of music to listen to while roleplaying in certain genres/backgrounds. To begin with, we’ll cover the world of darkness in general, and then I’ll offer some more specific suggestions dependant on games.

John G. Hemry Stark`s Crusade Book 3

So here I am, with the last book in the trilogy Stark’s Crusade by John G. Hemry and let me tell you it’s been a great ride so far. I really feel like I have been on an epic journey in this universe. It has had its ups and downs but what I have really enjoyed the most is the characters. They all seem so real somehow, but I will talk about that more later on. First of all I would like to go over how the book looked and felt.

Kevin J Anderson- Captain Nemo: The Fantastic Adventures of a Dark Genius

The title is quite wordy, and automatically it made me pause and consider. This is not a book I would usually read, so I was a little wary about it. The cover was dark and appeared a tad bit gothic, and reading the information on the back cover gave me a slight insight to what I would be reading. It all appeared quite mysterious and exciting. Before reading the book I took a little time to acquaint myself with the author as this was a new genre for me, I had never personally come across him before, and I was staggered with his previous portfolio. Kevin J. Anderson is the author of several epic series and collaborated with luminaries such as Brian Herbert and Dean Koontz so his pedigree was exceptional. This assuaged my previous cautious feelings about the book.

Jack Campbell – The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier – Dreadnaught

It has to be said that the title of Jack Campbell’s new book is a bit of a mouthful. Dreadnaught is the opening novel in a series called Beyond the Frontier which is itself a spinoff from the bestselling The Lost Fleet saga. Fans of The Lost Fleet will feel right at home but newcomers shouldn’t be put off as Dreadnaught turns out to be a great place for new readers to start exploring Campbell’s universe.

John G. Hemry – Stark`s War – Book 1

On receiving Stark`s War, written by John G. Hemry, I was greeted to a nice looking book the cover depicting a soldier, which I presume to be Stark in his battle armor, looking into the distance as if surveying the battlefield. The Moon is behind him. Just holding the book in my hands and seeing the cover gave me pause to think what battles I would be reading about once I opened the book. On turning the book around I gave myself time to look at the back cover to see what the synopsis would tell me, I was excited by it and thought ‘Yes, I am in for a great read’.

Star Wars: The Jedi Path

The first thing I noticed when I received this book to review was the presentation, from the embossed and silver inlaid front cover to the rough-edged parchment style pages this book looks and feels like a handbook for young Jedi, which is of course what it’s meant to resemble.