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Last Update April 01 2020

BlackFish City Review

I went into this book with an open mind, unsure what to expect, what I was greeted with was a fantastically laid out story, its plot arcing out like the arms of the city it is set in. Following these characters you gain an insight into what could be described...

The Templar of Retribution

Taerij is a nomadic warrior on a quest for retribution. At one point, in the past, his house teetered on the brink of evil and committed an act of most terrible betrayal that dishonoured all of his brethren’s feats of valour, leaving an enduring stain...

Joyland Review

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Titan Books £7.99

Review By: Iain G

I've enjoyed a different side of Stephen King's writing lately. After ploughing through the epic Dark Tower series I got hold of 11/22/63, his recent...


Author: Kim Newman

Publisher: Titan Books £8.99

Review by: David Stonehouse

To accompany the publication of Kim Newman’s excellent Anno Dracula books Titan have given a re-issue to his much-admired 1991 novel Jago....

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